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Zehnder Radiator products for bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms

Zehnder manufactures decorative bathroom radiators, kitchen radiators and living room radiators for a comfortable room atmosphere. From new builds to renovation; from towel drying radiators for the bathroom to curved made-to-measure radiators for a bay window, Zehnder products ensure a feeling of well-being in every room.

Zehnder designer radiator colours: Just as individual as you

Colours – scientifically they are the visual perception of electromagnetic waves. Emotionally – they are an expression of our personality. From our choice of clothing to our living environment: Colours bring out our individuality and define who we are.,67.html

Zehnder/Bisque Radiators

zehnder Decorative Towel-Rails fassane spa 282 product.jpg zehnder residential Decorative-Towel-Rails metropolitan-spa 282.jpg Zehnder residential Decorative-Towel-Rails atoll 282.jpg Zehnder residential Radiators,fassane 286.jpg Zehnder residential Radiators,Calidor 286.jpg zehnder striane.jpg Bisque Archibald.jpg Bisque Orbit Towel Radiator.jpg Bisque Tetro Towel.jpg

Bisque has been at the forefront of the radiator revolution for more than thirty years.

Bisque were the first company to introduce designer radiators into the UK and their philosophy and vision remains the same - to offer beautiful but practical radiators in the most exciting styles, colours and shapes.

From the totally outrageous to the eminently sensible, Bisque offers a selection of over 40 styles in thousands of sizes, colours and finishes. We are passionately committed to design, quality and service and our aim is to empower the customer so that they end up with exactly the right radiator for their home.